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Residential Solar Panels 

We take pride in our ability to offer the worlds leading solar products at extremely competitive pricing.  If you are looking to use solar to produce your own energy and reduce your hydro bill we have you covered every step of the way.  We are experts in the Ontario Hydro File, PV Engineering & Design including Class Leading Battery Solutions, Procurement, Installation and Finance.  We have a standing offer of a free, no obligation, no pressure site assessment.  Stop renting your energy from the grid and save thousands of dollars by being a good steward of the planet!   

Solar Net Metering

  • Net Metering is the production of solar electricity for use in your own home, we design a system with the goal of reducing your hydro bill by 90% or more including delivery and regulatory charges.

  • Net Metering was originally legislated in Ontario in 2006 and based on Ontario's escalating hydro costs, it has become the go to solar option for many of our clients, especially in rural communities. 

  • There are many variables on your hydro bill and net-metering can have a direct impact on most of them including outrageous delivery charges.  

  • How it works - Demand Renewables designs a custom system that meets your annual energy needs, if any excess energy is produced it is stored on the grid as a bill credit to be used at night and in the winter months when solar production is lower! 

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