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Why is climate change so divisive?Follow the money and see who loses.

All this divisiveness about whether climate change is real or not is being paid for by lobbyists to distract you from the truth. The truth is by reducing your personal emissions you open the door to more money in your pocket than ever before, imagine a life with almost no fuel and electricity costs.

You. Reading this now. Have complained since you first sat behind the wheel of a car about the cost of fuel. You have bitched about it with your friends, saying things like “corrupt politicians” “greedy companies”. You have opened a Hydro Bill and were immediately filled with rage. You have yelled “turn off the damn lights” more than once in your life.

You’ve seen the corruption your whole lives. Billions every year in subsidies and exorbitant salaries, all while your fuel and electricity costs go up indiscriminately with no recourse…..UNTIL NOW.

In Ontario, your Provincial Government is subsidizing rates to the tune of 40 billion dollars instead of dealing with why rates went up over 180% in ten years. And you all ate it up, “Yay 25% reduction on my bill” meanwhile rates are going to skyrocket over the next 20 years. So, the Government borrowed money to subsidize rates to save face, the hydro companies still make the same money, you get gouged for it in the future and you’re happy about this?

Even if climate change weren’t real or even if you don’t believe in it, how can you possibly hate getting rid of your fuel and electricity bills.

They’ve got you fighting about climate change because they’re scared to death of solar on your house and an electric vehicle in your driveway.

If you still disagree with the proven technology that’s right in front of your face then you have Stockholm Syndrome for the groups that have been abusing you your whole life.

The next few blog posts explain in detail how you can save money and break your dependency on the oil & electric monopolies.

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