How To Murder Your Fuel Costs

For years you have been living under the rule of oil. The price of gas in Ottawa in 1995 was 53.8 cents per litre. Flash forward 25 years and our prices swing between $1.10 and $1.40 litre. The data can be found on the Statistics Canada website by clicking the table.

Canadian Oil companies get billions in subsidies each year, increasing shareholder and executive wealth while you pay more at the pump and your taxes increase to cover the cost of the subsidies.

Until recently that was the only reality we knew, in the same way that solar removes you from the ridiculous hydro equation, going electric removes you from the gas pump lifestyle and the headaches that go with it. No more oil changes and crazy service repairs, save thousands in fuel and even more if you fill your car with sunshine.

Every year billions of dollars are spent on research and development of the electric vehicle. Almost all major brands have committed to go full electric in the next five to ten years. Major brands like Pepsi and Walmart are pre-ordering the Tesla semi, almost a billion dollars has been invested in EV start-up Rivian with major automakers like Ford leading the charge. Amazon placed an order for 100,000 Rivian EV delivery vans. This is a multi billion-dollar fleet order, it might be the biggest single order for fleet vehicles ever.

Watch the Ford F150 EV Prototype pull a million pounds of train cars!

The auto industry has made their decision! The future is electric and the longer you resist the more money you are throwing away.

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