How To Kill Your Hydro Bill

With solar net metering you save money by using the energy you create. No more rate increases, no more living by their Time-of-Use billing structure. Do laundry at noon without worrying how much it’s going to cost.

Rates in Ontario went up by over 180% from 2006 to 2016, that’s just electricity, that’s not including increases to regulatory costs and delivery fees. Can you imagine if other businesses behaved this way? We’d all be poor living in a van down by the river. No one besides the oil industry is as unscrupulous as the electric companies.

Our most recent rate increase is just as shocking.

If you’re sick of throwing money away every month to make some shareholder or executive richer than they already are then it’s time to investigate if solar is right for you.

Before you can produce your own power, you need to determine if your home is a solar winner or a solar loser. We offer a free solar assessment that is done remotely by our in-house team using a program that geo locates your home to find the optimal irradiance, we design a 2D and 3D model of the home and if available will use LIDAR to find the impacts of shading from surrounding buildings, trees and obstructions. We offer this for free because many homes are not suitable and it would be unfair to charge for this service.

If your home is a solar winner, you’ll need an assessment of your billing and usage profile to right size a system for your needs, we’ll need 12 months of bills to get a handle on who you are as an electricity user. With this info we will show you what your costs of energy will be for the next thirty years and what it costs to install a solar system today that will produce the same energy for way over thirty years.

Now that you’ve killed your hydro bill, check out our next blog “Murdering Your Fuel Costs”

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