Inverter Technology

The inverter is the brains of your solar project.  After watching the next two videos you'll understand why we always prefer to use Power Optimizers for our commercial and residential solar installations. The long term success of your solar project is based on the choices you make today.  Do yourself a favour and do your due diligence when considering an inverter type.

Photovoltaic Technology

There are too many solar panel manufacturers to count, so how do you choose the right one?  Rest assured Demand Renewables has done the due diligence for you on solar panel manufacturers.  We typically use LG and Hanwha Q-Cell Solar Panels for our PV Systems.  The Panels we use are all superb and are ranked as some of the best quality and top producing solar panels in the world.  Below are videos from LG and Hanwha for your reference.

Battery Technology

Demand Renewables is a leading expert in the Design and Installation of Battery Systems for both Time of Use Cost Mitigation, Full or Partial System Battery Back-Up, and Off-Grid Applications.  Our Engineering team scoured the market for available Battery options and have chosen LG Chem as our Official Li-Ion Battery Partner.  Demand Renewables is a fully certified LG Chem Battery Installer for the Residential, Commercial, and Utility Scale markets.  Here is some information on the Industry Leading LG Chem Battery technology and why we chose them as our Official Battery Solution Partner.