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  • Commercial solar net-metering is a billing arrangement that allows customers to generate solar energy onsite for their own use, and to receive bill credits for any surplus electricity they output to the electricity grid.

  • This government program was originally legislated in Ontario in 2006 and given Ontario's soaring hydro costs, solar has become the go to Alternative Energy option for agricultural, property management, and manufacturing and industrial businesses.  Other Provinces such as Alberta have gone full force with solar programs as a way for businesses and farmers to lower their energy spend while reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Regardless of your organizations size or hydro classification, solar net-metering will have a direct impact on your bottom line.  

  • Demand Renewables promise is to offer the highest quality system at a competitive price while providing in-depth real-time monitoring that minimizes the need for maintenance on your system.

  • We design a system that outperforms your daily energy needs at times when there is excess PV energy available, any excess energy produced is stored on the grid as a bill credit to be used at night and in the winter months when solar production is lower.

  • A properly designed Net-Metering system will provide a predictable hydro spend, year over year, allowing our clients to focus on what matters most to them – building a sustainable and profitable business.

  • Our process starts with a free, no obligation assessment of your property and hydro usage.  This can be done remotely and will generate an assessment of your sites solar potential.

  • Every site assessment includes the following: Preliminary System Design, Production Estimate, 3D Drawings, 30 Year Financial Assessment and System Component descriptions.