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Solar Energy


Performance, Guaranteed

We have an amazing offering of specialized solar equipment for all projects large and small. Our products are of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest industry safety standards.  All of the PV brands we use are top tier performers in third party studies, the warranties are backed by some of the most bankable companies in the world. Hanwha, Longi, SolarEdge, & Enphase are some of the equipment manufacturers we partner with.

The Canadian solar market is very compet

The Canadian solar market is very competitive with companies small and large. Whether it's a residential or commercial project we always endeavor to offer our clients the best possible pricing.  We take pride in our ability to offer the highest quality products at comparable pricing when competing against lower quality systems.  If we are competing against another company with comparable products, rest assured we will match the price. 



We take pride in our ability to offer the worlds leading solar products at extremely competitive pricing.  If you are looking to use solar to produce your own energy and reduce your hydro bill we have you covered every step of the way.  We are experts in the Ontario Hydro File, PV Engineering & Design including Class Leading Battery Solutions, Procurement, Installation and Finance.  We have a standing offer of a free, no obligation, no pressure site assessment.  Stop renting your energy from the grid and save thousands of dollars by being a good steward of the planet!  

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Demand Renewables Commercial projects begin with a design target to achieve the largest offset of a clients current hydro spend, while providing the shortest payback period available in the market.  We leverage our extensive OEM relationships to ensure our clients receive a top performing system at a superb price. Imagine a predictable hydro spend, year over year, for the next thirty years. Businesses enjoy the benefit of 100% first year write offs on renewable energy projects and may qualify for up to 30% additional refundable Tax Credits!  Stop renting your energy from the grid and fight back against bad policy by producing your own energy!

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